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Anand Mahindra tweets ‘pure veg’ restaurant menu with twist

NEW DELHI: Anand Mahindra is known for a great deal of things and one of them is his online comical inclination.

Recently he shared a picture of a standee-menu of a restaurant that claimed to be a ‘pure vegetarian’ eatery but the dishes listed on it offers only non-vegetarian dishes.

He wrote, “An example of how Incredible India really is. For millennia we have known how to harness the power of mind over matter. Veg and Non-Veg, what’s the difference? It’s all in the mind…”

The dishes listed below them were Veg Fish Fry, Veg Mutton Dosa and Veg Chicken Rice.

The standee goes viral on social media and put Netizens in split.

A Twitter user wrote, “One of my Jain clients uses to had Jain Egg Curry & Jain Chicken Fry while going for drinks. They don’t mind to have egg and chicken bt they don’t like Onion, Garlic & Potato.”

“It’s depend on our mind. In which direction we are thinking about”, added another.

A Tweeple remarked, “Very common in Malaysia. Tofu dishes that look and taste like the original non-veg dishes.”

A post read, “We need to award this restaurant. It’s like you can create an electric car by just adding “electric” ahead of the name to a petrol variant.”