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Porsche Carrera S Owner Fined Rs 27.68 Lakh For Traffic Violations

An owner of a Porsche Carrera S has been fined a whopping Rs 27.68 lakh for traffic violation by the Ahmedabad Police. The police had stopped the Porsche during a routine check.

Interestingly, the Ahmedabad Police had apprised citizen of the routine check they were conducting. The information was released to the public during the end of November last year. Why Rs 27.68 lakh? Well, at the time, the driver was found without valid documents for the vehicle. In addition, both registration plates were missing. The police impounded the Porsche and a fine of Rs 9.80 was imposed. Six weeks after the incident, the police say they have not heard from the owner.

The RTO did some digging-in and found that there were more violations – The vehicle, registered as JH01DB0524, has an outstanding balance-tax order of Rs 16 lakh for the period January 2020 to August 2033. The Ahmedabad RTO has now revised the fine. It includes the outstanding Motor Vehicle Tax of Rs 16 lakh, and fines & penalties worth Rs 4 lakh. The RTO has also added interest of Rs 7.68 lakh on the outstanding Motor Vehicle Tax amount, bring the total amount to Rs 27.68 lakh.

The said police department said that this amount is one of the highest fines ever levied in the country. Motorists need to carry a vehicle’s registration certificate, valid insurance papers, a valid pollution-under-control certificate, and a valid driver’s license while riding or driving a vehicle. While this mandatory by law, the government allows for motorists to carry digital copies of the documents over the DigiLocker smartphone application instead of a physical copy. Fines for traffic violations were increased recently and have been listed under the Motor Vehicle Amendment Act 2019. Motorists however, still choose to violate as many rules as possible.