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Lohri 2020: Choti Sarrdaarni’s Nimrit Ahluwalia, Avinesh Rekhi & Others Share Their Lohri Plans

Lohri, the harvest festival, is celebrated today (January 13) in India. On this occasion, Choti Sarrdaarni actors – Nimrit Kaur, Avinesh Rekhi, Anita Raj, Naagin 4‘s Jasmin Bhasin and Shaleen Bhanot revealed their festival plans.

Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia, who plays Mehar in Choti Sarrdaarni, says, “Every year I visit Gurudwara first thing in the morning and will visit even this year, depending on my shoot schedule. I’ll be celebrating the festival with the cast and crew of my show Choti Sarrdaarni. We also have a major Lohri sequence on the show which made me feel like it was the real celebration.”

Choti Sarrdaarni’s Sarabjit Gill aka Avinesh Rekhi says, “The best thing about Lohri is that it falls in winter which is my favourite season of the year. I always make sure that I celebrate this festival in Chandigarh with my family and close friends, but this year due to my work commitments I will be in Mumbai. I love gorging on food, sweets and most importantly the Lohri special groundnuts. I will celebrate the festival with my wife and kids once I am back home. It feels good to be sitting around the bonfire with all your near and dear ones close to you.

” Anita Raj, who portrays the role of Kulwant Kaur in Choti Sarrdaarni said, “Being a Punjabi myself, I always look forward to celebrating the festival. This year I am shooting, but will celebrate with my family and close friends after the shoot. Fortunately, even on our show, we are shooting for a Lohri sequence so we will have a perfect pre-lohri celebration on the sets itself with my Choti Sarrdaarni family. I love sitting around the bonfire eating gazak mithai and most importantly enjoy doing Bhangra all night.” Jasmin Bhasin, who is seen as Nayantara in Naagin Bhagya Ka Zehreela Khel (Naagin 4), revealed, “The most fun part for me about Lohri is the lip-smacking traditional sweets.

I am a big-time foodie, and especially on Lohri, I binge on phulle, revadi, sarson da saag and makke di rotti. The best memory I’ve had about the festival is celebrating it in the chilly atmosphere in Rajasthan with all the tradition, I will always cherish that time. Naagin 4’s Shaleen Bhanot said, “Lohri has been one of my most beloved festivals since childhood and I have many memories attached with it. We Punjabis celebrate it with great pomp and show. Amongst all the rituals, sitting around the bonfire and the Punjabi Dhol is my favourite part. This year is going to be special because my parents are in town and I will be celebrating Lohri with them after a very long time.”