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A mysterious undertaking signed by Davinder Singh

New Delhi, Jan 19: More details are tumbling out as the investigation against Davinder Singh, DSP from Jammu and Kashmir progresses. Sources tell OneIndia that one of the terrorists who was arrested by the Delhi police in 2005 too had spoken about his link with Singh.

The Delhi police had arrested seven terrorists including Haji Ghulam Dar in 2005. He had spoken about his link with Singh. An undertaking was found on him which stated that he keeps pistols with him and it is requested that security forces must not stop him and he should be allowed to go without any probe. The undertaking was signed by Singh.

Meanwhile the National Investigation Agency will question DSP Davinder Singh at New Delhi. He will be taken to Delhi for questioning, NIA sources say. The NIA had taken over the case against Singh and three Hizbul Mujahideen terrorists. The NIA re-registered the case originally filed by the Jammu and Kashmir police based on the instructions of the Ministry of Home Affairs. Singh is alleged to have brought Naveed Babu, Mir Irfan and Rafi Rather from Shopian to Srinagar on Friday evening.

On Saturday, they set out to Jammu, from where they were planning on going to New Delhi. However before he could leave, the police arrested him sources familiar with the developments confirmed to OneIndia. Singh during his interrogation claimed that he was ferrying the Hizbul Mujahideen terrorists to facilitate their surrender. Officials investigating him say that he had made this made claim during interrogation, but we are investigating the same further. Interrogators say that he has denied the charges against him. He says that he was facilitating a big catch, but there are several inconsistencies in his statements, the officer also said.