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CAA unconstitutional, arguing against it in SC; assembly resolutions valid: Sibal

NEW DELHI: Senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal on Monday dismissed suggestions that there was a change in his stance on the amended Citizenship Act, saying it is “unconstitutional”, he is arguing against it in the Supreme Court and state assembly resolutions on the law are valid.

His remarks came after he had said that there was no way a state can deny the implementation of the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA) when it has already been passed by Parliament.

Sibal had, however, later asserted that every state assembly has the constitutional right to pass a resolution and seek the amended Citizenship Act’s withdrawal, but if the law is declared constitutional by the Supreme Court then it will be problematic to oppose it.

“Have always maintained CAA is unconstitutional. In Kerala on 18th at a public meeting said CAA should be thrown into the Arabian Sea. Posted my speech on Twitter. Please check. Arguing for invalidity in Supreme Court. Said Assembly resolutions valid. Stop spreading lies!” he said in a tweet.

“On 18th at UDF’s maha-rally (over 2lakh attended) exposed the 9 lies of government on CAA. At rally said CAA should be thrown into the Arabian Sea. Speech on YouTube. Said Assembly resolutions valid. Arguing against CAA in SC. So no change of stand; no clarification,” Sibal said in another tweet.

Amid a debate over the implementation of the amended Citizenship Act, the Congress on Sunday had said states have the right to challenge the Centre and cannot be “forced” to implement the “unconstitutional law” till the petition over it in the Supreme Court is decided.