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Everve Electric Scooter To Debut At Auto Expo: Will Offer Futuristic Design And Top Performance

Pune based Everve Motors is ready to unveil its first product for India at the upcoming Auto Expo – a premium electric scooter that boasts of futuristic, almost ‘Transformers’ like design, and advanced engineering.

Everve Motors aims to revolutionize the premium electric scooter segment with the electric scooter. As far as a battery, and performance is concerned, the e-scooter features a battery pack that takes just five hours to charge to full capacity, and can be charged via a 5Amp charging socket.

The under-seat is most likely to feature the battery, considering the scooter arrives with a rechargeable battery.

The scooter offers a top-speed of 110 kilometers per hour, and will arrive with an in-built application that will offer connectivity, and will display rider information and aids such as range to empty, battery status, maps and locations, error codes, and closest charging stations among a host of others. The company has shared two concept teaser images that feature the upcoming Everve electric scooter. A big highlight of the Everve electric scooter is the headlight assembly at the front.

The electric scooter features what look like bull-horn LED DRLs that are placed above the vehicle’s round headlamp. The bull-horn DRLs are a fantastic touch and give the illusion that the scooter is wider than it really is. The Everve electric scooter features blue accents at the side, at the rear passenger foot board, on the rear fender, and on what could be either the battery compartment or a storage area in the middle of the foot board.

While the scooter is still at its research and development stage at the moment, a prototype will be unveiled at the Auto Expo, and a launch has been planned for between October and December this year. The upcoming Everve electric scooter still has to ARAI certified, and will require a driver’s license and an RTO registration to ride.