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BharatBenz BS-VI Trucks & Buses Revealed With New Connectivity Tech

BharatBenz has unveiled its BS-VI buses and trucks for the Indian market. The new range of trucks and buses from BharatBenz were unveiled at an event and parent company Daimler India Commercial Vehicles Pvt Ltd. announced the brand’s new commercial vehicle portfolio.

BS-VI emissions norms have literally changed the way the Indian automotive industry works. All auto manufacturers are having to rethink their product strategy and a few manufacturers are revamping their entire product line-up. Commercial vehicle makers too are adopting the same strategy and Bharatbenz being one of the largest CV manufacturers in India, has decided to bring in new vehicles and new categories of vehicles as well.

BharatBenz unveiled its new range of trucks and buses for India. The BS-VI BharatBenz trucks and buses come with quite a few changes. Right off the bat, we have a few changes in the design and styling department. The commercial vehicles get a slight facelift thanks to a new grille, solid bumpers and slightly redesigned headlamps. Major changes however, are in the powertrain and interior departments. The engine and gearboxes used in the trucks and buses are the same in terms of engine capacity and luggage hauling capabilities.

However, the vehicles are now more efficient and obviously BS-VI emissions compliant, so they are cleaner, greener and leaner. Engine and gearbox configurations vary across different truck and bus models. Major improvements have been made inside the cabin as the trucks and buses now come with best-in-class connectivity technology. Telematics and connectivity solutions include ProfitTechnology+, Proserv, Busconnect and Truckonnect.

It is quite clear that Bharatbenz is relying on technology to improve the efficiency, reliability and dependability of its trucks. ProfitTechnology+ helps in the maximisation of turnover for the owners of the vehicle and Truckonnect helps fleet operators and owners monitor vehicle stats and maintenance schedules of the trucks. Busconnect technology is directed towards both passengers as well as fleet operators to select routes, get on-board entertainment, earn reward miles and get tracking alerts. The biggest technological update comes in the form of ‘Proserv’ which is a customer service platform.

The Truckonnect and Busconnect features come under the Proserv platform. It allows customers to track and analyse their vehicles in real-time. It will also allow customers to book service appointments, order spare parts, manage extended warranty and roadside assistance, etc. The addition of this technology is expected to help in maintaining the commercial vehicles and increase the cost efficiency. BharatBenz has also announced that it will move away from the traditional classification of commercial vehicles according to their tonnage. The company will be working on creating entirely new categories of vehicles.