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Nirbhaya: Convict seeks review order that rejected his juvenility claim

New Delhi, Jan 30: Pawan Gupta, one of the killers in the Nirbhaya case has filed a review petition in the Supreme Court challenging the earlier of order that had rejected his plea that he was a juvenile at the time of the offence. Gupta had earlier moved the court stating that he was a juvenile at the time the offence was committed. Meanwhile on Thursday the curative plea filed by Akshay Singh, one of the convicts in Nirbhaya case was rejected by the Supreme Court.

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court dismissed the curative plea filed by Mukesh Singh. He had challenged the rejection of his mercy petition by the President. With the SC rejecting the curative plea, Singh has run out of all legal options. On Wednesday evening, another convict Vinay filed a mercy petition with the president. The same was filed directly in the President’s secretariat. The fourth convict Pawan is yet to file a curative plea. Under Section 854 of the revised Delhi Prison Rules, none can be hanged till the last one has exhausted all options in case of multiple death row convicts, held guilty for the same crime. Further even if the President rejects the mercy plea, two weeks time has to be given to the convict before the execution.