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Hummer EV Teaser Video Released: GMC Confirms May 2020 Launch

General Motors Company is all set to resurrect the Hummer brand and has revealed a video teaser of the new electric Hummer. GMC has decided that the Hummer brand will now go the electric way and the Electric Hummer will be revealed on 20 May, 2020. The entire automotive industry is heading towards electrification, and there is no doubt that the future is electric. A few segments of vehicles that no one expected to go electric have already gone the electric way, case in point being supercars and sports bikes.

A few massive SUVs too have become electric vehicles, and we all know this is just going to increase. However, we’re sure no one even in their wildest dreams, ever thought that the Hummer would also become an electric vehicle some day. Well, depending on how you look at it, the best thing ever, or your worst nightmare will come to life on 20 May 2020 when the electric Hummer is launched. GMC has announced the arrival of the electric Hummer through a teaser video that shows the front-end of the yet-to-be-revealed EV.

The design of the Hummer is still as boxy as it ever was. In-fact a few more sharp design lines have been added. However, what distinguishes it from the older models is the LED lighting, both in the headlamps and daytime running lights in the grille. More details about the design and styling of the electric Hummer will surface at the official reveal or in the couple of months leading up to it. The decision to make an electric Hummer is amusing but not very surprising.

The Hummer is a legendary name in the off-road SUV world. In its heyday, the Hummer was quite simply the best off-road SUV that would conquer any obstacle thrown at it. Enthusiasts loved it. The military forces of America were so impressed by it that, the US Army, US Marine Corps and other paramilitary forces used a specially-made Hummer for their operations in warzones. The Hummer first made its debut in 1992 and the brand became defunct in 2010 after the last Hummer rolled off the production line on 24 May 2010. However, the Hummers that were sold during this period are still going strong and it is still the mainstay of America’s armed forces.

The one thing that let it down was its notoriously low fuel efficiency figures. It was powered by a V8 petrol engine and its fuel efficiency figures were dismal. It was also criticised heavily by environmentalists for the enormous amounts of pollution it produced. Also letting it down was the mediocre levels of performance thanks to its weight. Well, GMC has been working on it for a while now and it seems like electric motors and batteries are the answer to the Hummer’s problems.

The electric Hummer will be powered by electric motors with a total power output of 1,000bhp and a peak torque output of 15,000Nm. Yes, you read it right and no there’s no typo right there. It produces a massive 15,000Nm of torque. We expect to see an increase in weight thanks to the large battery packs needed to produce so much power. Despite the gain in weight, the company claims it will accelerate from 0-100km/h in just 3 seconds! This is courtesy of the powerful powertrain. More news on the electric Hummer will come out over the next 2-3 months.