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JK Tyre Unveils Smart Tyre: Features Pressure Monitoring System, GPS And More

India based tyre manufacturer, JK Tyre, has just unveiled their benchmark and flagship product called Smart Tyre. The Smart Tyre technology is the latest offering from JK Tyre, and is designed to provide real time information about the condition of tyres using sensors. This one-of-a-kind technology-based tool is provides customers smart monitoring and efficient tyre maintenance services.

The ‘Smart Tyre’ is a value product for JK Tyre’s customers, and will help enhancing the tyres life by digitally tracking real-time tyre performance, vehicle location, air-leaks detection, and engine diagnosis.

Speaking at the event, Mr Amit Gujral, the Marketing Head at JK Tyre & Industries Ltd., said, “We are elated to meet the young Influencers of South India today who are so passionate about automobiles as a category and have so much zeal to know about the latest innovations & developments happening in this segment.”

“We, at JK Tyres, strongly believe in addressing key market requirements with a close amalgamation of advanced technologies & innovations. The Smart Tyre solution is equipped with some exciting advanced functionalities that will provide real-time information about the health of the tyres via Smart Sensors, which enhances the safety, security and performance of vehicles,” he added.

The company said that the Indian market has always accepted JK products with great trust, and that they were looking forward to witnessing the same healthy response from the market once again, for the latest Smart Tyre they have to offer.

The Smart tyre technology helps maintain optimal tyre pressure, increasing road safety, and adds to best practices for the good of the environment. The Smart Tyre technology features a Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems to monitor the tyre’s vital statistics, including pressure and temperature – all indigenously manufactured.

The information collected is relayed on a real-time basis to the vehicle owner via either Bluetooth or over a smartphone application, allowing for early detection of issues and deployment of timely preventive measures.

The Tyre Pressure Monitoring System also allows for the Smart Tyres to deliver higher fuel efficiency. The Smart Tyre unveiled by JK Tyre also features GPS, allowing for enhanced safety bu letting owners know where their vehicles are at any point of time.