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Amid coronavirus outbreak, Spain faces massive shortage of medical supplies

MADRID: As the coronavirus crisis continues to widen in Europe, Spain said it was fighting a massive shortage of medical supplies to contain the rapidly increasing death toll.

Second, only to Italy in fatalities, Spain also saw infections rise to 78,797 from 72,248 the day before.

Ana Gimenez is an emergency room doctor at Spain’s Infanta Leonor Hospital, told Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBS) that the hospital has run out of critical supplies including masks, gowns, beds and even medicine.

“Spain has a fantastic health system. Our fantastic health system was overloaded. And now is absolutely destroyed.” said Gimenez.

The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases worldwide has reached 634,835, among them 29,957 fatalities, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Sunday.

When asked whether doctors have the equipment to protect yourself from all these COVID-19 cases, she said, “When I arrived, they gave me a P3 mask and they told me, “This is for the week.” And this mask is supposed to be used for just some hours.”

“We have to take a lot of care with the patients. I mean, if I am receiving patients, and when I have four, then I put equipment [on] in order to explore them because it’s not possible to change the equipment in between each patient,” she said.