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102-year-old woman makes full recovery from coronavirus in UK

LONDON: Defying all the odds, a woman aged 102 recovered from COVID-19 and was discharged from the Aintree Hospital in Liverpool, local media reported.

Nurses lined the corridor, cheering and applauding, as the unnamed patient — one of the oldest patients on the ward — left to return to her care home in the city, Xinhua news agency reported on Friday.

Hailing her recovery as “a breath of fresh air” in a message to staff, hospital managers said “Everyone on the ward will miss (her), who has been discharged back to her care home, as she had been keeping them all entertained during her stay,” the Liverpool Echo reported.

The “brilliant news” came after recent reports that two members of the staff, including a 68 year old nurse, had died recently from COVID-19, according to the Liverpool Echo.

United Kingdom has recorded 74,605 confirmed coronavirus cases with 8,974 deaths and 588 recoveries so far, according to Johns Hopkins University tracker.

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