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Here is the list of countries where monkeypox cases detected so far

Monkeypox cases have been found in European and American countries, giving health officials another cause to be concerned about as the Covid-19 outbreak enters its third year.

Health officials are monitoring the development of the cases. The disease now appears to be spreading among young men. However, health experts have stated that the danger to the general public is low.

Monkeypox is a virus that spreads from wild animals such as rats and primates to humans on rare occasions. The illness is prevalent in Central and West Africa, hence the majority of human cases have occurred there.

Here is the list of countries where the disease has been identified in recent days:

1. On Thursday, health officials in Spain reported seven instances of monkeypox, while Portugal increased its number of confirmed cases to 14 as the disease spread throughout Europe.

2. Officials in Spain indicated that all recorded cases have affected men in Madrid. According to Antonio Zapatero of the provincial health department, officials are presently testing another 22 suspected cases.

3. On Thursday, Italy became the latest European and North American country to record a case of monkeypox.

4. A case of monkeypox has been verified in Sweden.

5. So far, nine instances of the strain have been documented in the United Kingdom.

6. Health authorities in Montreal are looking at up to 13 instances.

7. A case of monkeypox was discovered in Massachusetts a day ago in a man who had just been to Canada, and health officials are investigating if it is linked to small outbreaks in Europe.

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