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Sherri Papini was sentenced an 18-month prison sentence by a judge in California for staging her own demise

Sherri Papini was given an 18-month prison term in California by a judge for staging her own demise in 2016.

The fake perpetrated by the 40-year-old was discovered thanks to technological advances, claims the US Justice Department.

Papini received an additional 36 months of supervised release after she admitted in April to mail fraud and making false statements.

Prosecutors urged the judge to sentence her to eight months in prison, while the defence sought for one month of incarceration and seven months of home detention.

Papini alleged six years ago that two Spanish-speaking women kidnapped and abused her as she went for a jog close to her home in Shasta County, Northern California.

She thus earned more than $30,000 in victim compensation funds from the state, and the police conducted a thorough hunt for the alleged Hispanic captors.

Using genetic genealogy technology, the authorities were able to link DNA from her clothing to an ex-boyfriend after searching fruitlessly for a number of years.

To confirm that the ex-boyfriend was a match, authorities obtained DNA from him, according to a 55-page affidavit that was published earlier this year.

He acknowledged helping Papini ‘escape’ from what she claimed was an abusive relationship, according to the report

When detained and questioned, he confessed that the supposed kidnapping was a hoax and the federal prosecutors said that it wasted resources and caused police to investigate innocent targets.