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Canada Turning Out To Be Pakistan For India? Deets Inside

Canada has recently come under scrutiny as it becomes a refuge for individuals with Khalistani affiliations, leading to concerns about the evolving India-Canada relationship. Now the question is if  Canada is becoming another Pakistan.

Khalistani Presence in Canada

Canada is witnessing an increasing presence of individuals linked to the Khalistani movement, some of whom are the most wanted in India. Last year, the murder of Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala shed light on Canada’s connection to such activities. Gangster Goldie Brar, believed to be the mastermind behind the murder, was reportedly operating from Canada.

Anti-India Agenda in Canada

Many Khalistani terrorists and gangsters in Canada take shelter in the country and use it as a base to pursue their anti-India agendas. They are believed to be conspiring against India while residing in Canada, enticing Indian youth to join their cause with financial incentives, and even offering fake employment opportunities.

Notable Figures Wanted by India

Recently, nine Khalistani terrorists and notorious gangsters featured on India’s most wanted list have been traced in Canada. The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has been tracking them with India issuing Red Corner Notices against four of these individuals. Extradition proceedings could follow, though recent circumstances depict Canada’s reluctance to cooperate.


The Indian government was on the lookout for Khalistan Tiger Force (KTF) chief Hardeep Singh Njjar who is one of the 41 terrorists on their wanted list. To get a hold of him, the NIA had also announced a reward on Nijjar; alive or dead. However, before the government could take any stringent action, Nijjar’s enemies shot him dead. His assassination took place in a Gurudwara’s parking lot in Canada. 

Trudeau’s response to the incident

Subsequent to three months of Nijjar’s murder, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau flabbergasted the entire world with his statement. 

Trudeau said the Canadian security agencies were investigating if there were any links between the Indian government and the assassination that took place on Canadian soil.  

He asserted that the involvement of any foreign government in the assassination would not be tolerated. Furthermore, his statement was followed by the expulsion of an Indian diplomat from the country. Consequently, the Indian government also asked a Canadian diplomat to leave the country.