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Baby Boy Swapped with Deceased Girl

A disturbing case of medical negligence has surfaced in Pakistan, as reported by Dawn, where authorities at a Children’s Hospital in Lahore stand accused of mistakenly swapping a baby boy with a deceased baby girl. According to an official statement, the parents brought their four-day-old sick baby boy to the hospital after he became ill.

During treatment, hospital doctors declared the boy dead and subsequently handed over the body to his father. When he took the body home to Gujranwala for burial, the father was shocked to discover that it was actually a girl who had passed away. He hurriedly returned to the hospital with the girl’s body, asserting that they had originally brought their baby boy for treatment.

The situation took an unexpected turn when Irfan returned with the body of a baby girl and informed the hospital administration that he had brought his son to the Children’s Hospital for treatment instead of the girl.

Irfan lodged a formal complaint at the Naseerabad police station, outlining the sequence of events and alleging that the hospital had substituted his son with the body of the deceased girl. He urged the police to initiate a case against the hospital management and the doctors involved, demanding the return of his son.

The Punjab Health Department quickly responded to the incident by forming an inquiry committee consisting of three senior doctors from the Children’s Hospital.

The incident has palpably frustrated and concerned people, highlighting the lack of transparency and accountability in our healthcare system. Meanwhile, the family continues their quest for truth, eagerly awaiting answers about what truly happened to their son during the disturbing episode at the Children’s Hospital in Lahore, as reported by Dawn.