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Sells Manager And Colleagues Online

We’ve all experienced challenging times at work due to conflicts with our bosses, and there are numerous stories online about people facing issues with their managers. In response to this, China has adopted unique and amusing methods to cope with stress caused by demanding jobs. Recently, a viral trend has emerged where young professionals are listing their bosses, colleagues, and jobs for sale on second-hand e-commerce platforms. This trend is particularly visible on Xianyu, Alibaba’s popular platform for selling used goods and second-hand items.

As per a South China Morning Post report, young people in China are turning to this method to ‘shake off the work stress’. In China, ban wei, or ‘work smell’, has become very strong, describing the mental and physical exhaustion felt after a long workday. Many individuals are selling their jobs and colleagues on Xianyu, a major e-commerce platform in China for second-hand goods, simply to relieve themselves from the burden of their work.

Listings on the website feature ‘annoying bosses’, ‘terrible jobs’, and ‘hated colleagues’ for sale, priced between Rs 4 to Rs 9 lakh.

This trend in China shows how individuals are using these humorous methods to manage work pressure and break away from stressful work environments.

According to the South China Morning Post, a user disclosed that he is selling his job for Rs 90,000. He mentioned that the job earns him Rs 30,000 monthly, and buyers can recoup their investment within three months. He also stated that he listed his job on the e-commerce platform mainly because he dislikes waking up early.

Another user has put up his colleague for sale on the platform due to excessive sarcasm, with a listing price of Rs 45,000.