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Ranchi businessman on a mission to feed 500 people daily during lockdown

RANCHI: In times of uncertainty, local businessman Rajesh Gupta is feeding over 500 poor and needy people in Ranchi as a mark of humanity. Gupta is humble as he says it is his effort to simply do his bit to ensure that the city does not sleep hungry.

“I prepare food myself for around 500 people every day and distribute it among the poor and needy people whom I see on the streets of Ranchi. Some of my friends in my locality, who also have nothing to do at home during lockdown, help me out in this work.  They even help me sometimes with donations,” says Gupta.

The food is prepared at his backyard while ensuring all precautions of hygiene and nutrition in mind, he adds.“Today, I distributed ‘khichdi’ . Next day, I will be preparing vegetable pulao for them. Food is distributed twice in the morning and in the evening. We are also providing food to several people who arrived here from other cities and are stuck here,” he says.It gives immense satisfaction when a hungry person gives blessings when food is served,he adds.

Gupta continues with a single mission to ensure that he can feed as many as helpless people. The businessman also appealed other citizens in Ranchi to help at least five-ten persons every day in their localities.

FIRs against 2 for spread of rumours

The Dumka police on Monday registered FIRs against two persons for allegedly spreading coronavirus- related rumours on social media, a senior official said. Deputy Commissioner Rajeswari B. said the FIRs were registered at the Shikaripara police station.