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India reaches out to Israel for medical tech solutions for treatment

NEW DELHI: From remotely monitoring and managing Covid 19 patients to digitalized detection of infection chains to improve population adherence to government social distancing guidelines — India has reached out to Israel for such medical tech solutions by companies working to improve the prevention, detection and treatment of coronavirus. The Department of Science and Technology has come up with a suggestive list of nearly 30 innovative technologies on Covid 19 from Israeli companies and has sought interest from Indian researchers and companies in this regards.

The move comes at a time when Israeli media reports said that country’s defence ministry plans to use software that analyses data gathered from mobile phones by the spyware firm NSO to help locate likely carriers of the coronavirus to test them. Both India and Israel have a joint USD 40mn Research and Development (R&D) fund managed by DST in India. The two countries have been collaborating on R&D in various sectors.

The list of Covid 19 technology put out by DST include Contact-free Monitoring Solutions by EarlySense which provides continuous touch-free monitoring of a patient’s heart rate, respiratory rate, and movement, enabling clinical teams to detect and address early signs of deterioration, including falls and pressure ulcers. Keeping in mind social and many worried for their elder parents staying alone in other cities, Smart Remote Caregiver for Aging at Home by Kytera is a smart remote caregiver solution that provides insight into seniors’ activity at home. The solution includes a home system that collects data, a mobile app for family members and a dashboard for professional caregivers.

Digital help to control pandemic
Neura, a human behaviour platform enabling governments and health organizations to monitor and control the spread of Covid 19 by applying digitalized detection of infection chains