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Vibration Baba’s Boiling Oil Miracles Post-Hathras Stampede

In Uttar Pradesh’s Hathras, a stampede at Suraj Pal alias Bhole Baba’s satsang has sparked discussions about various self-styled spiritual leaders. Amidst this, Bharat Madi, also known as Vibration Baba, from Panchmahal district in Gujarat, has gained attention on social media. Known for sticking out his tongue and shaking during his events, Bharat Madi attracts thousands to his programs. He is known for dipping his hands in boiling oil and applying it to his face, occasionally using this method to treat his followers. His devotees claim he possesses divine powers that alleviate their suffering.

Following the Hathras incident, a video of Bharat Madi from Panchmahal has gone viral. The video shows him seated and shaking amidst hundreds of kilograms of rose petals, while a large crowd chants his praises. Bharat Madi refers to himself as a devotee of Goddess Ambe, claiming to possess the power to relieve pain and suffering. He holds court in the tribal area of Morwa Hadaf, Gujarat, and frequently attends religious events. In these gatherings, he performs feats like pulling out puris from boiling oil with his bare hands, a spectacle he has showcased at various festivals dedicated to Goddess Ambe.

Divine Presence and Healing

Bharat Madi asserts that he is possessed by the goddess. In an interview, he claimed that Goddess Ambe is always with him. Known as “Current Wali Mata,” he performs miracles with boiling oil. Vibration Baba’s presence resonates strongly at major folk and religious festivals in Panchmahal and neighboring districts, attracting politicians who seek his blessings. He conducts healing sessions every Tuesday and Sunday, where he administers treatments. Vibration Baba recounted surviving a near-fatal electrocution from a water heater, despite doctors initially giving up hope on his survival. Bharat Madi credits his healing abilities to the divine presence of the goddess, whom he claims guides him during treatments.